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“Matecznik Mazowsze” accommodation facility

Project name: “Matecznik Mazowsze” accommodation facility and the adaptation of the barn into Ye Old Polish Inn
Beneficiary: The Tadeusz Sygietyński State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze"
The total value of the project: 24,166,877.02zł the amount of grant: 16,824,828.23zł

Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 with funding the Mazowieckie voivodeship.
Project description:

The overall objective of the draft is to increase competitiveness and strengthen the socio-economic development of the region through the use of its tourist valors.
The direct objective of the project is to improve the capabilities of PZLPiT "Mazowsze" to promote and increase the attractiveness of the region through the development of cultural infrastructure "Karolin".

Achieving these goals will bring the following effects:
• Expansion of PZLPiT Mazowsze’s offer regarding proposals to tourists from home and abroad
• Improvement of access to tourist infrastructure for people with disabilities in
• Conservation of material heritage
• Activization of the region’s socio-economic situation by increasing its tourist valors

The project is the revitalization of the historic building for tourism and cultural opportunities - to create a place for promoting Polish cooking and the expansion of the base of the National Ensemble of Folk Song and Dance "Mazowsze" for accommodation facilities. The project will be implemented within the historic area of the team – “Matecznik Mazowsze", visited every year by Polish and foreign tourists. The investment will allow the development of public tourism infrastructure through which the folk heritage of the region and other parts of the Poland will be popularized.

The project provides for the following measures:
1. Full renovation of the Palace and Park Complex old stables “Karolin” with the adaptation of the rooms for the Ye Old Polish Inn with the usable area of 431 m2, including:

• dining room,
• kitchen facilities and warehouses,
• sanitary facilities.

2. Construction of accommodation facilities with the usable area of 2.706 m2, consisting of:
• 55 rooms, one and two-bed rooms with bathrooms for a total of 98 people,
• reception areas and customer service
• the breakfast room
• General-purpose rooms: TV, billiards, reading room
• Cabinet wellness center with sauna,
• technical areas.

3. Development of the area, including:
• construction of traffic routes and sites for the new modernized building (including the creation of a summer garden seasonally functioning at the Inn)
• construction of 47 parking spaces,
• implementation of connections, water supply and sewerage systems,
• implementation of external parking dehydration
• implementation of the gas connection,
• design of the greenery on the site,
• construction of recreational facilities, including a tennis court.

The result of the project will be the creation of tourism and increased accessibility to it because of the resulting possibilities:
• creation of PZLPiT Mazowsze’s tourist offer focused on the presentation of the culinary wealth of Poland,
• organizations (with full support) artistic initiatives aimed at tourists, such as workshops, demonstrations and courses, lasting from a few to several days,
• support larger numbers of visitors to "Matecznik Mazowsze".

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