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About the unit

About the unit

Officially, "Mazowsze" was brought to the life by the decree of the Minister of Culture and  Art on November the eighth, 1948.

The management of the Mazowiecki Folk Song and Dance Ensemble (because that was the original name of today’s "Mazowsze") was entrusted to prof. Tadeusz Sygietyński, whose task was to care for the traditional repertoire of folk, based on the songs and dances of Mazowsze countryside and regional artistic tradition. However, the idea of the band was formed long before that.

Tadeusz Sygietynski, a prominent composer and a lover of folklore and a pre-war actress Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska promised each other that if they were to survive the war, they would create a folk band that will save Polish folklore and promote its diversity, wealth and beauty. While for the  film and cabaret actress the idea  seemed distant, it was the realization of Tadeusz’s old dream.
Zimińska gave up her acting career and engaged  in organizational matters. Sygietynski started to compose works based on the original relics of folk songs, gained experience throughout the years (read Oskar Kolberg’s dissertation, worked with radio and theater, searched for new ways to connect with young people).

The ensemble chose an old, prewar sanatorium called “Karolin” located in suburban village of Otrębusy for their base.
It was the place, where the first recruitment for the members of the ensemble was conducted. . The successful candidates were 16 years old at the most. They came mainly from the Mazowsze villages. They brought to Karolin - the base of the ensemble - beautiful melodies, original costumes, talent, youth and passion.
After nearly two years of rehearsals they put together a unique art program presented on the 6th of November in 1950 on the stage of Polish Theatre in Warsaw.
Initially, the artistic program consisted of songs interspersed with dances from areas of central Polish counrtysides- Opoczna, Kurpie...

After the Warsaw premiere, the ensemble was busy performing, perfecting their  repertoire, and planning for the future, while important decisions were to be made. Already in 1951, "Mazowsze" set off to conquer the world, starting with just the right direction at this time - the Soviet Union. Finally, after three years, Polish authorities decided to show "Mazowsze" behind the "Iron Curtain" – on  October the 1st, 1954  in Paris.

Six years later (1960r.) "Mazowsze" flew across the Atlantic Ocean to perform in the U.S.A and Canada. 

1955 was for “Mazowsze”  the year of grief. Tadeusz Sygietyński died and the future of the ensemble was no longer certain.  The darkest possible scenarios started to emerge. Some even thought that the ensemble would suspend its activity. 

"If it was not for Mira it would not be Sygietyński nor Mazowsze" - once wrote Marian Hemar, poet and friend of the ensemble. It was her - Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska – who after his deatfh, took over director's baton. She created  "Mazowsze" as it is today. Thanks to her over the years the program has expanded to 40 ethnographic regions and previously unexplored religious, patriotic and other songs were created. Thanks to her the "Mazowsze" has gained international acclaim, giving nearly 6500 concerts in Poland and 50 in other countries.

She managed the ensemble for over 40 years, devoting her talent, experience and life. 

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