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ECM Matecznik Mazowsze

The European Center Matecznik “Mazowsze” (ECM). 

With funds provided by the Mazowsze Voivodeship and significant support from the European Regional Development Fund, the ECM was established to provide an exceptional multi-purpose facility that offers outstanding utilitarian and aesthetic values reliant on modern technology. Thus, the ECM allows the realization of interesting and large-scale artistic and cultural endeavors, along with educational and training conferences, “Mazowsze’s” headquarters are located within the “Karolin” Historic Palace and Park, which is under the care of the heritage conservator. 

12-hectares, a green oasis of peace, directly adjacent to the rich natural habitat and forest districts called “Chojnów”. This is a special place because of its a charming atmosphere, convenient location, housing possibilities, the wide range of accommodation and catering, the healthy climate, and above all because of its host – “MAZOWSZE” – The Mazowsze song and dance ensemble.                                                                                              

The official opening of the Performance and Education Hall took place on October 17, 2009.

The main objectives pursued at our Hall, beyond that of the basic training workshops and concerts of “Mazowsze”, will be:
 - educational and training activities in the field of training courses, seminars on topics of Polish folklore, the tradition of the Mazowsze region and culture of other nations, training entertainers, choreographers, dance instructors, folklore, song, regional cooking,
 - organising concerts of other bands and artists, art festivals, organization at national and international levels; preparing TV shows and movies,
 - strengthening ties between the younger generation and Polish culture,
 - encouraging  the region  (municipality, county, state) and the local community to participate in cultural life,
- documentation and  publication of activities associated with regional teams
-  developing  centers of folklore, ethnographic institutions (library, music library , information technology database of the creators of folk and amateur movement)
 - further development of the artistic team “Mazowsze”
 - commercial activity in the rental of premises for the purpose of conference and training , business meetings, and more.
This will be carried out by:  
-  experienced artists (-choreographers, conductors, teachers of singing and ballet, dancers, musicians and singers). The 60 years of the “Mazowsze” troupe’s outstanding work is the guarantor  of professionalism. The original and unique source materials of historical value collected over the years offer an excellent background of “Mazowsze”.
-  professional staff tailoring art.

Additional advantages of Mazowsze’s headquarters in Karolin include :
-  proximity to Warsaw,
- WKD (Warsaw Commuter Rail) - 40 minutes from the city centre,
-  proximity to Okęcie International Airport .

The headquarters of “Mazowsze”  represent a modern vision and understanding of the national traditions and artistic achievements that we have to skillfully communicate to future generations. This task is particularly important in relation to our own, still fresh, presence in the European Union.

We hope that the activities of “Mazowsze” will not only strengthen social bonds, but also contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage.


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