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Historical Park of Mazowsze – The Region’s Flagship

Project name: Historical Park of Mazowsze – The Region’s Flagship

Beneficiary: The Tadeusz Sygietyński State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze"
The total value of the project: 11,166,164.37zł the amount of grant: 9,490,123.09zł

Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 with funding the Mazowieckie voivodeship.
Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to increase competitiveness and enhance the region’s socio-economic development through the use of its cultural values.

The direct objective of the project is to improve the potential to use the recreational and cultural park "Karolin" by improving the state of the object in the field of natural science and infrastructure.

Achieving these goals will result in the following effects:
•    improvement of the opportunities for the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage
•    improvement of the capabilities to meet the cultural and recreational needs of the residents of the region
•    providing a park for people with disabilities
•    improvement of the opportunities for the use of cultural values for the growth of socio-economic attractiveness of the region.

The project contains the revitalization of the unique historical park "Karolin" - the area of PZLPiT "Mazowsze". The revitalized building will serve as a recreation and relaxation area for residents and visitors. Renewed infrastructure will provide a wonderful cultural and leisure offer of the region and will create conditions for the promotion of cultural heritage. The property will increase public resource of cultural and recreational facilities in the region, helping to improve the quality and accessibility of cultural offerings of Mazowieckie province.
The scope of the project includes the following activities:

Construction work:
•    modernization of the woodwork adapted to the club (including adjustment of the architecture to other facilities, reconstruction of the roof, insulation and plastering facade)
•    reinforcement of walls and ceilings Small and Big Hall Ballet and adjusting entry for the disabled,
•    construction of sanitary sewer at the children's playground,
Preparing the area for the revitalization of the park:
•    felling of trees,
•    clearing of land,
•    protection of green for the duration of the works,
Electrical installations:
•    The modernization and installation of area lighting, and other electrical installation,

Installation of telecommunication:
•    implementation of fiber optic ducts connecting the buildings in the complex,
•    installation of the monitoring system and access control
•    installation of wireless Internet access points in the park,
Installation of water supply and sewerage:
•    modernization and extension of the water supply system, including water supply the designed playground
•    modernization and extension of the sewerage network,
Land use:
•    open view of the palace,
•    renovation of memorial stones (about 40 pieces) outside the Palace,
•    to pave a natural sidewalk along with signs of natural monuments, sculptures, etc.
•    implementation of a children's playground,
Modernization of transport routes:
•    widening lanes to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities,
•    resurfacing of roads, paths and pavements,
•    create parking for bicycles,
•    implementation of wheelchair access driveway at the entrance to the Palace,
Development of green:
•    treatments regarding existing plants
•    felling of trees,
•    restoration of lawns,
•    planting low hedges,
•    planting of greenery with the insulating features include: Rows of shrubs along the fence at the parking lots and on the playground,
•    planting vegetation,
•    protection and care of plants of particular historical value,
Implementation of the new fence at about ¾ of the circumference of the plot with gates and wickets, purchase and installation of street furniture:
•    metal and wooden benches, tables,
•    street lanterns,
•    bins,
•    playground equipment for children,
•    carport parking for bicycles,
Buying a mobile outdoor scene with equipment and tent dressing-room.

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