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“A supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders” The first Polish Opera! A staging by “Mazowsze” and invited guests.

Dance Education - "National Dances" 

“Puss in Boots”

“The property known as Garland” 

"Not only Chopin" Polish National Ballet

„Magic Toy Shop”  

”Mazowsze” travelling abroad - – Ukraine

Bacewicz Quartet - "Tango of rollers"

“Minus 2” Ewa Wycichowska’s  Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań  


Jazz in Mazowsze

"Komeda Inspirations" "Tubis Trio" and "Contenporary Noise Sextet" Exhibition of photographs by Mark Karewicz, sculptures of Adam Fedorowicz

“Mazowsze” - the inauguration of the third artistic season


Art makeup in “Mazowsze”

Gala Trend Vision 2011 award, Wella Professional 

The Group of Song and Dance "Przygodzice"

Vernisagge “Father and son”

Opening of the exhibition of prints and watercolors "Father and Son”  by Witold and Jeremiah Popiel

Exhibition  Painted Mazowsze’s people

First “Mazowsze’s”  Harvest of Village Leaders

For the first time in the history of harvest festival, village administrators from around the region come together (October 2) to thank  for the work of those who in the sweat of their brow take care of the  land so it would   bring forth fruit and  Polish tables would never run out of bread.

Blues in “Mazowsze”

Blues performed by some of the best French artists - Team BASKERVILLE BLUES BAND

Nazani - Armenian choir

“Mazowsze” in Koszęcin – backstage

The headquarters of “Mazowsze”

Frolicker clip

Portions of selected dances from the repertoire of "Mazowsze".

In the blink of an eye

The concert of “Mazowsze” captured in kaleidoscope-like fashion. 

"Jak oni nas, tak my ich"


Mazowsze’s  most popular waltz (music: Tadeusz Sygietynski words: Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska, dress in  Łowicz style) in choreography of Witold Zapała.

Mazur Dance

One of the five national dances (music by Karol Kurpiński, musically arranged by: Stanislaw Wysocki, choreography: Witold Zapała, costumes from the period of the Duchy of Warsaw).

Polka Mazurka

Variety Polka Mazurka rhythm combined with figures dancing Polkas (music by Leopold Lewandowski, choreography: Witold Zapała, costumes in Old Warsaw’s style).


The most popular and eminent national dance (music by Karol Kurpiński, musically arranged by.: Wladyslaw Kabalewski, choreography: Witold Zapała, nobility costumes)


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