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Repertoire of Ensemble

Repertoire of Ensemble

“Mazowsze’s” style is a warmth of gentle styling, highlighting the beauty of the original, both with reference to the music, choreography, and costume. The folklore presented by the ensemble on stage becomes art of the highest value, the art of great emotional charge.
•    "The colours of Poland" – the full-length concert of the choir, ballet and orchestra, composed of the most popular Polish folk, songs and dances (additionally it is possible to present slides, thematically connected  with presented  regions if the relevant technical requirements are met);
•    "Nobody, only you" - a concert dedicated to Mira Ziminska-Sygietyńska;
•     "The small music played for me” - a concert dedicated to Tadeusz Sygietyński;
•     "The Warsaw - Our Love" - a concert dedicated to Warsaw;
•     The Concert of the most beautiful Polish songs and folk songs;
•     "With the song through the world" - a concert of the songs “brought” by “Mazowsze” from foreign countries, performed in original languages such as Chinese or Arabic.
•     The concert of patriotic and religious songs (carols, pastorals, songs of Passion, Easter songs, Marian songs);
•     The concert of Chopin and Moniuszko songs;
•     "In the rhythm of the polonaise" - an educational concert with a workshop part concerning selected national dances;
•     The concert at the indigenous stage  of  "Mazowsze" in the headquarter  Matecznik Mazowsze  in Otrębusy combined with visiting the museum of costumes,  folk instruments and souvenirs from the  journey, accompanying other events, such as banquets, meetings, jubilees (banquet hall, auditorium, restaurant, hotel three-star standard  are at disposal).

In matters of the organization of events, please contact our impresario.

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