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"Matecznik Mazowsze" The Folk Center

"Matecznik Mazowsze" The Folk Center

Project name: "Matecznik Mazowsze" The Folk Center
Beneficiary:  The Tadeusz Sygietyński State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze"
The total value of the project: 59,055,565;70 PLN the amount of grant: 39,189,744.09 PLN

Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, with funding the Mazowieckie voivodeship.
Project description:

The overall objective of the project is to increase competitiveness and enhance the socio-economic development of the region through the use of the region’s cultural values .

The direct objective of the project is to improve the cultural offer of PZLPiT "Mazowsze" through the development of Matecznik Mazowsze’s cultural infrastructure.

Achieving these goals will bring the following effects:
• Better ability to meet the region’s cultural needs by improving the cultural infrastructure in the region.
• Creation of the proper conditions for the development of the team, thereby contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage.
• Improvement of access to cultural infrastructure for the disabled.
• Activization of the the region’s socio-economic situation by improving its cultural values.

The subject of the project is the building of a multifunctional and entertainment exposition on the grounds of PZLPiT "Mazowsze" and the creation of a European Centre for the Promotion of Regional and National Culture MATECZNIK-MAZOWSZE. The resulting infrastructure will ensure the provision of new services, the development of activities in the field of art education, and the promotion of cultural heritage. The property will increase public resources of cultural infrastructure in the region, helping to improve the quality and accessibility of cultural events in the Mazowieckie province.
The planned investment is expected to perform the following work:

The construction of an Auditorium (with a usable space of 6,690.46 m2), which includes the following areas :
• theater scene with an area of 224.84 m2 with side pockets and back pocket,
• 580 seats for audience with a usable area of 567.30 m2,
• technical areas related to the operation stage and the audience: directed sound and lights, TV broadcast, tech-cabin, translators and journalists,
• rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, artists' studios, rooms for individual learning, social rooms and a wellness center for artists
• magazines: lighting equipment, sound equipment, decoration, musical instruments, costumes, etc.
• foyer with changing rooms and toilets (also for disabled)
• buffet and dining room with facilities
• hall of the museum and exhibition spaces,
• technical areas related to the proper functioning of the building:  ventilation units and air conditioning, boiler, water supply, power distribution units and other auxiliary facilities,
• administrative and office space,
• underground garage with 25 parking spots.
Equipment of building in the facilities necessary for the proper functioning:
• Mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning
• Central heating
• technological heat and chilled water
• plumbing,
• domestic hot water,
• gas
• lighting,
• electricity,
• lightning, 
• fire protection
• telephone and network-computer,
• cable TV,
• simultaneous interpretation system,
• audiovisual installations,
• alarm system
• access control system
• CCTV system,
Purchase and installation of facility:
• theatrical platform,
• dressing rooms and studio equipment,
• buffet catering equipment,
• furniture, stands to the locker room, sofas, etc.
• sanitary facilities,
• storage systems for costumes
• audiovisual equipment,
• computer and office equipment,
• coverings and decorative elements.

Development of the area surrounding the building, including:
• the implementation of the road providing access to the building, parking and garage,
• implementation of sidewalks
• implementation of drainage pedestrian and road parking spaces,
• arrangement of sections of the installation and execution of connections: water supply, sewerage and gas
• installation of external network and electricity connection
• telecommunications routing ducts,
• the greenery in the area of investment,
• implementation of decorative pool at the main entrance to the building,
• implementation of fencing length of 320 m, doors and gates.


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