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About Mazowsze

Mazowsze is one of the largest artistic ensembles in the world, drawing from the abundance of Poland’s national dances, songs, chants, and traditions. The name comes from Poland’s central region – Mazowsze, but the ensemble’s repertoire has quickly expanded to incorporate the folklore of other regions. As of today, it includes stage presentations of forty-two various regions and their folklore.
The Mazowsze style means a warmth of gentle styling that accentuates authentic beauty of the music, as well as the choreography and the costumes. Presented on stage, the folklore becomes art of the highest quality, which is also charged with great emotion.
The ensemble’s initial successes abroad brought to light the audience’s needs and expectations. The name Mazowsze has become a keyword that identified the country, previously unknown to foreigners, as well as its culture. To Polish communities abroad, it has come to stand for homeland and patriotism. 
Taking into consideration the vast richness of its repertoire as well as its efforts for the preservation of the cultural heritage, Mazowsze is acknowledged as a national ensemble. 
The prominent music critic Jerzy Waldorff called Mazowsze the crown jewel of the Republic of Poland. His statement fully appreciates the value and distinction of this ensemble. For more than sixty years they have kept audiences worldwide enthralled, fulfilling an honorable role as Ambassador of Polish Culture. 


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Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CEST)


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