Mazowsze in the movie Cold War

We are proud and happy to inform you that the artists of Mazowsze played in Paweł Pawlikowski’s newest production Cold War. In the movie the ensemble’s Mazurek is played by the actual members of Mazowsze.

The movie, awarded the Palm d’Or, premiered in Polish theaters on June 8, 2018. Cold War is a story of a difficult love between two people who cannot live without each other, but are also unable to be together. The events portrayed in the movie take place in the ‘50s and ‘60s in Poland and the awakening Europe. In the background, viewers can hear a unique soundtrack, which is a combination of Polish folk music with jazz and the songs of Paris bars from the 20th century. The recurring musical theme in the  movie is Mazowsze’s Dwa serduszka [Two Little Hearts], arranged by Marcin Masecki, and sung by Joanna Kulig. The movie’s conducting consultants were Mazowsze’s director Jacek Boniecki and the choir director Mirosław Ziomek. Wioletta Milczuk, Mazowsze’s ballet director, was the dance consultant for the movie. Anna Paś and Piotr Zalipski, the ensemble’s ballet artists, were responsible for Joanna Kulig’s dance training. The actress, together with Tomasz Kot, played lead roles in the production.

The film received praise from the critics. “This is a Palm d’Or movie,” wrote Tomasz Sobolewski in his review. “A wonderful movie for everyone,” concurred Janusz Wróblewski from Polityka magazine. “The amazing story about an impossible love, but also about the past, emigration, and being Polish, is truly impressive,” said Barbara Hollender. “You may hear faint echoes of La La Land in this standout hit at Cannes,” said The Economist. “This is a love story. This is a melodrama: The kind of melodrama I compared to Casablanca,” Grażyna Torbicka marveled at the movie. “Bittersweet and unbearably lovely, a sad ballad,” emphasized Leslie Felperin from The Hollywood Reporter. Anna Tatarska from Onet wrote: “Pride, emotion, and great joy – that’s what I felt after the premiere of Cold War. Pawlikowski made a movie not only about love at difficult times. In a way, he also wrote a love letter to Poland, who carries a rare beauty inside, and to whom [. . .] you always come back, eventually.”


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