Mazowsze co-managed by the Minister of Culture

 On May 29, 2017, in the ensemble’s performance hall, an agreement was signed which stated that the Tadeusz Sygietyński National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze would be co-managed as a joint cultural institution by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Mazowsze Regional Council.

As it was emphasized by Professor Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, “We have decided [. . .] that the Ministry should support some institutions that are important for Polish culture and at the same time in need of financial assistance. Their meaning is not regionally limited, but extends over the whole of the country, or even internationally.  Poland should take responsibility for its cultural treasures. Mazowsze is that kind of treasure, and it has been with great pleasure, I think for both parties, that we have signed this supportive act for Mazowsze.”

“Our meeting today is proof of our integrity, mutual understanding, and everyday effort for the cultural and societal good. We offer our society the beauty that Mazowsze represents. In Poland we often speak about things we cannot see, touch, or emotionally experience. Mazowsze needs to be seen, loved, and experienced.”

On a day like today, we are communicating for the benefit of beauty and historical greatness, which originated from the will of two remarkable artists, an excellent composer and pianist, Tadeusz Sygietyński, and an uncommon actress, Mira Zimińska, who had an exceptional understanding of the stage. The union of these two artistic individuals brought about the idea to create Mazowsze. It was an excellent idea to combine priceless values of the nation with the language of the stage, and artistic expression. The combination of these two worlds created Mazowsze. This is where the ensemble’s popularity comes from.

“We express our gratitude that the Mazowsze Region and the Minister of Culture have agreed to support the good that Mazowsze constitutes, and we would like to use the financial means toward concert organization, artistic activities, and promotional actions [. . .] so that Mazowsze could shine brightly,” said Jacek Boniecki, the director of the ensemble.

Photo by Jan Drzewiecki


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