Mazowsze performs at the Christmas meeting in Polish Parliament

The meeting took place on Friday, and it was attended by members of both chambers – members of Parliament and Senators – and the Metropolitan Cardinal of Warsaw, Kazimierz Nycz.

The Marshals of the Polish Parliament and the Senate, Marek Kuchciński and Stanisław Karczewski addressed everyone present, as did Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz.

Mazowsze’s soloists and the choir, accompanied by Krystian Segda and conducted by Jacek Boniecki, sang Christmas carols and songs.

The meeting began with the carol Wśród nocnej ciszy [In the Quiet of the Night] that everyone listened to. After that, the Marshal of Polish Parliament gave his Christmas and New Year’s  wishes to everyone present. “In this special moment, I wish to everyone that the new year brings a lot of good for Poland, and I wish you all success in parliamentary work, as well as in personal and family life,” said the Marshal Marek Kuchciński. “Let the Star of Bethlehem show us the way, the best and the most important one,” he added.

Stanisław Karczewski quoted the lyrics of the carol Bóg się rodzi [God Is Born]. “These are the words that show us the power, but they also show us that many things we deal with and find important, even fundamental, can lose their meaning and become unimportant,” pointed out the Marshal of the Senate. He also wished everyone a good and peaceful Christmas with their families.

The Metropolitan Cardinal of Warsaw was the last to speak. He emphasized that “Man, his salvation, and his good are the basic purpose of the mystery of incarnation.” As he pointed out, “man should also be the basic purpose of Members of Parliament, who serve the people and the common good.” 

After the speeches, the Members of Parliament shared the Christmas wafer. This was accompanied by the carols sung by Mazowsze. Their easily recognizable style and traditional interpretation are valued by several generations of Polish people. We are very happy that Mazowsze with their music can be with the Members of Parliament and Senators in such an important and solemn moment.

After the concert, the representatives of the ensemble met with the Marshal of the Parliament, Marek Kuchciński.

photos by Jan Drzewiecki


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