Concert of Christmas carols and songs by Mazowsze’s soloists, choir, and orchestra in Strzegom

Right before Christmas, the mayor of Strzegom, together with the Strzegom Center of Culture and the Roman Catholic parish of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, invited the people of the Strzegom area to a Christmas meeting. The meeting began with a supper at the square by the Minor Basilica. After that, the people gathered inside the basilica, where they listened to a concert of Christmas carols and songs by Mazowsze’s solosits, choir, and orchestra conducted by maestro Jacek Boniecki.

It was the first of several Christmas concerts the ensemble is planning to give all over Poland, in the period of time between Christmas and the Epiphany. We are carrying on one of the most beautiful Polish Christmas traditions, that is caroling. Mazowsze invites several generations of fans to join in singing together. We want to engage both the youngest, newest listeners, as well as our most faithful fans who cannot even imagine a family celebration without listening to or singing Christmas carols and songs. That is why Mazowsze’s carols have been a part of Christmas Eve celebrations in many households in Poland for years. They are very characteristic in their own way; they have their easily recognizable, authentic style, and a traditional interpretation. Thanks to those features, they win the audiences’ appreciation over and over again.

The collection of Polish carols is very rich. During their concerts, Mazowsze tries to present the most popular ones, but also those less-known, but equally beautiful. The last concert was no exception. The ensemble’s soloists, Katarzyna Miąsik and Anna Łukawska, sang Zaśnij dziecino [Sleep Little Child]. Composed by Antoni Uruski, a composer, pianist, and instructor, with the lyrics by Franciszek Ryling, the carol fits perfectly into Mazowsze’s folk music vibe. The composer’s inspiration with Chopin’s mazurkas can be clearly heard in the music, too.

The soloist, Katarzyna Miąsik, also sang a carol from Tirol, Anielski chór [The Choir of Angels], which sounded especially beautiful inside the basilica in Strzegom. Because the traditional carols make any Christmas concert a whole, the ensemble’s choir presented several of them, for example Wśród nocnej ciszy [In the Quiet of the Night] or Bóg się rodzi [God Is Born]. Then, Anna Zagórska sang a lullaby Święta Panienka  [The Holy Maiden], and the most popular highland carol Oj Maluśki [Oh, Little One] was presented by Monika Muszka. The duet, Katarzyna Miąsik and Andrei Baravik, sang a well-known French carol Cantique de Noël. The music was composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847, to the text of a French poem Minuit, chrétiens.


photos by Jan Drzewiecki


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