Mazowsze at ISPA fairs in New York

 “The Magnificent Mazowsze”, as we are known in the United States, are taking part in the ISPA fairs in New York City.

The International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA) associates performing arts leaders from all over the world. Thanks to ISPA we can make contact with institutions from various places in the world, make international co-operation possible, and work towards further tours abroad.

Over 500 representatives of cultural institutions from 50+ countries all over the world are present at the conference. They can share their experience, work on joint ideas, and present new, interesting projects. Our presence in New York City aims not only at promoting our ensemble among international leaders, but also at the co-ordination of a tour of North America we are planning to have soon. We have also talked about it with the Consul General of the Republic of Poland, and he has expressed a great interest in the idea, and promised his support in the realization of the mission.


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