Mazowsze’s New Year’s Concert

Mazowsze’s New Year’s Concert

Anna Maria Jopek is back at Karolin – Mazowsze’s New Year’s Concert

This was a special concert that was made possible following the first edition of the Stanisław Jopek National Vocal Competition. The patron of the competition, Mazowsze’s legendary soloist, is the popular singer’s father. Throughout the competition, the artist supported the contestants, and, as she said in an interview for the Polish Press Agency, thanks to the competition she was able to come back to Karolin, Mazowsze’s headquarters, a place she hadn’t visited in many years. Maestro Jacek Boniecki, during talks at the time of the competition, invited the famous and awarded artist to perform with Mazowsze in concert.

Mazowsze in Anna Maria Jopek’s musical DNA

The ensemble’s repertoire has been close to her for a long time, actually since childhood. As a child, she used to stand in the wings, looking at her parents – Mazowsze’s artists – perform. As an adult, she sang together with her father, for example Christmas carols such as “Jezus malusieńki” [“Little Baby Jesus”] and “Witaj gwiazdo złota” [“Welcome Golden Star”]. She achieved great success, performing on the greatest stages and in the most famous clubs in the world, with such musicians as Sting and Pat Matheny. That success made her realize that the farther she went from Poland, the more dear it was to her to express her musical individuality through the Polish language and Polish music. It was this music that shaped her as an artist. Among those musical roots, there were also Mazowsze’s songs.

New Year’s concert repertoire

This past weekend, in Mazowsze’s Performance Hall, Anna Maria Jopek performed some Mazowsze’s songs together with the ensemble, during the New Year’s concert. This is one of the special musical events, during which maestro Jacek Boniecki prepares a musical feast with surprises for the audience. This time, it was filled with Polish folk music, with a guest appearance by Anna Maria Jopek, who presented interesting, jazz interpretations of Mazowsze’s songs as well as her own. The artist was accompanied by Robert Kubiszyn on bass guitar. The rounds of applause were a sign that the audience would remember the songs by Krzysztof Herdzin, one of the most versatile Polish musicians – a composer, pianist, and arranger. Those were Mazowsze’s “W kadzidlańskim boru” [“In the Kadzidło Forest”], sung jointly by the ensemble and the guest artist, and Anna Maria Jopek’s song “Szepty i łzy” [“Whispers and Tears”]. Mazowsze’s orchestra sounded wonderful as the background to the her remarkable voice, showing that they fit also in this musical style, so different from their own. A trumpet solo by Marcin Poprawski, the ensemble’s artist, deserves a mention as well. He accompanied Anna Maria Jopek on the stage.

As usual, the performance by Mazowsze itself, was a solid part of the program. The colorful collection of Polish folk music and dance, presented by the ensemble’s soloists, choir, and ballet, received a warm applause from the audience. There were Highland dances that the audiences always look forward to, dances from the Lublin region, and the traditional oberek. One of the unusual parts of the show were “Kusoki świętokrzyskie” – dances, songs, and custom games that used to be the tradition of the świętokrzyskie region villages in the weeks after Christmas. The ensemble’s ballet also presented the kujawiak and oberek – two of Polish national dances – in an interesting joint choreographic routine by Wioletta Milczuk. The concert ended with the traditional Mazowsze finale, the perfect conclusion for this New Year’s concert.

Fot. Piort Pasieczny/FOTOBUENO


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