De Mono + Mazowsze = Dynamite!

Mazowsze and guests in the Valentine’s Day concerts

Valentine’s concerts took place this past weekend at Mazowsze’s headquarters in Otrębusy. They made an unforgettable impression, thanks to the unusual combination of Mazowsze’s repertoire with the band De Mono. Joanna Racewicz’s professional hostessing completed the whole show. Because of all that, all of us witnessed and experienced great fun.

It would be difficult not to have fun, with Mazowsze’s most beautiful pieces and our guests’ best songs presented on the stage. After the traditional circle and oberek, without which it would be hard to imagine a Mazowsze concert, there was time for De Mono’s songs. At first, they were performed by the band itself, and later with the accompaniment of Mazowsze’s orchestra, conducted by Jacek Boniecki, the ensemble’s director.

The suspense rose with each consecutive piece. Mazowsze’s choir appeared on stage, followed by the ensemble’s ballet, which presented a fantastic dance routine for De Mono’s song “Póki na to czas” [“Until There’s Time”]. Girls’ skirts twirled in the dance, and they were not the usual folk costume skirts. With this different entourage, Mazowsze yet again proved its versatility and that it can fit every repertoire.

Andrzej Krzywy was undoubtedly a wonder. Together with Mazowsze’s choir and orchestra, he performed the famous “Dziura w desce” [“A Hole in the Plank”]. De Mono’s singer turned out to be not only a great musician, but also a showman who can blow the audience away. And that was what he did – the people gathered in the audience had fun from the very first notes, led by Andrzej Krzywy’s cheering.

The concert concluded with a grand finale, with over 150 artists on the stage. The song “Kolory” [“Colors”], from De Mono’s repertoire, performed by Mazowsze’s orchestra, choir, and ballet, and of course the whole band De Mono, released a great amount of energy. That energy, radiating from the stage, encompassed not only the audience, but also the artists and all Mazowsze’s employees who worked as the concert’s technical crew.

At the end, after the two concerts, director Jacek Boniecki assured everyone that this wasn’t their last concert together with De Mono. So, we are all looking forward to another meeting with Andrzej Krzywy and his team.

Katarzyna Pasieczna

Photography by Piotr Pasieczny/PHOTOBUENO


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