The palace of Karolin restored!

The celebratory reopening of Mazowsze’s historic headquarters

This is where Mazowsze was born

Over seventy years ago, thanks to Tadeusz Sygietyński and Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska, the Karolin palace became the home and workplace for the first Mazowsze members. The story of this place is the story of successes of several generations of Polish artists, and also of the constant care and fight for the development of the ensemble’s headquarters – Mazowsze’s heart. It has been possible thanks to the funds from the Mazowsze Regional Council and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as the support of the European Union. Twelve years ago, in Otrębusy near Warsaw, one of the most modern performance halls in Europe was built. The hall can seat up to 600 people. This is where the ensemble regularly performs. Today, after a thorough renovation that has been taking place since 2018, a new chapter opens in the history of the restored palace.

The celebratory reopening and concert

The reopening was accompanied by a concert by Mazowsze’s choir, conducted by maestro Jacek Boniecki. He also greeted the guests with a speech.
“This is a very special day in our ensemble’s history, because it touches its foundations, our cradle,” said Jacek Boniecki, Mazowsze’s director, during the celebration. “And this cradle presents itself to us as the beautiful palace of Karolin. This is where Mazowsze was born.”

Adam Struzik, the Marshal of Mazowsze Region, underlined the meaning of the place for the whole cultural world. Marcin Podsędek, the Vice-Chairman of the Sejmik of the Mazowsze Region, also gave a speech. We appreciate the presence of Paweł Bogdan, the director of the Domestic Events Office at the Chancellory of the President of Poland. Among other guests present at the celebration, there was also a representative of the local council – Jerzy Wysocki, the Deputy Mayor of the Brwinów Municipality. There were also representatives of the restoration project designers and contractors – the Amat, Wector, amd Fronton companies.

A new chapter for Mazowsze – the Educational Center of Polish Folklore

Today, apart from the artistic challenges on the stage, Mazowsze faces another challenge – work on the Educational Center of Polish Folklore. This is soon going to be a place where visitors will be able to find out and learn about the culture of Polish villages and towns. Here, children, youths, and adults will be able to see, touch, and feel what Polish folklore is, how all regions of Poland differ from each other, and how much this culture has shaped us all.

Photography by Piotr Pasieczny/PHOTOBUENO


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