The viewers who are taking part in a Mazowsze concert have to follow the rules presented below.

  1. Viewers must sanitize their hands before entering the Performance Hall building.
  2. Viewers must supply a Mazowsze employee with a printed and signed copy of the mandatory statement that, according to their best knowledge, they are not infected, or supposed to stay in quarantine or under epidemiological surveillance.
  3. Viewers must cover their mouths and noses throughout their stay at  Mazowsze's premises. Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. masks, face shields, etc.) is not supplied and the viewers need to purchase them individually.
  4. Viewers must take their seats in the auditorium according to the sanitary regime's regulations, i.e. keeping one empty seat between viewers.

            The above rule does not apply to:

  • a viewer who has a child under 13 under their supervision
  • special-needs viewers (those who hold a disability certificate, an evaluation for special education, or who are physically unable to get around on their own)
  • viewers who are members of the same household.
  1. Viewers must dispose of the used PPE in designated containers.
  2. Viewers must follow the rules included in these regulations, as well as follow the graphical/verbal announcements, and any instructions given by the performance hall staff. Taking part in a performance is equivalent to acceptance of these regulations, whose rules the viewers have to follow.
  3. Anyone with a suspected SARS CoV-19 infection will not be allowed inside the Mazowsze building. The person will be advised of the urgent need to contact their doctor. The Tadeusz Sygietyński Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze will not be held liable for any losses related to the situation.
  4. The Performance Hall building will be open for the viewers 45 minutes prior to the performance start time. People waiting outside must keep a distance of at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) apart.
  5. The guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, available at WWW.GOV.PL and WWW.GIS.GOV.PL are applicable here.


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