Report from the premiere of the musical fairy tale “Colors”

Online premiere – different from any other

On Saturday, December 19th 2020, the premiere of the musical fairy tale “Colors” took place. The performance was presented by the artists of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze. Because of the prolonged restrictions connected with the pandemic, the viewers were once again offered an opportunity to see the performance online. Although events taking place in the performance hall at Karolin have a unique atmosphere and special character, the live streaming of the event allowed a much wider audience to enjoy the performance than would have been possible in the traditional form.

Media attention and a warm reception by viewers

The ensemble's newest performance had gathered a lot of attention even before it premiered. There were announcements in the Polish Radio, RMF Classic radio, and the TVP2 channel, which took the patronage over the performance. The Saturday premiere performance got a very warm reception from the viewers, and the ensemble wishes to express their thanks for that. Several factors added to the success of this atypical, at least for Mazowsze, project. The key factor was the choice of the people who worked on the performance. The libretto was written by a playwright and a journalist of Radio Lublin, Grażyna Lutosławska. The music in the production was composed by Marek Kuczyński, whose compositions are widely known from Polish films and television shows. The world-famous choreographer, Alexandr Azarkevitch, is responsible for the energetic stage movement and the absolutely breathtaking choreography in the performance. The fairy tale is yet another joint project by the Mazowsze duet – Zbigniew Kułagowski as the director and maestro Jacek Boniecki as the musical supervisor. Many years of experience with important performances in theatres and opera houses allows them both to consciously lead the artists through the performance on both the musical level as well as the verbal one. Also, it gives them the ability to accentuate the aspects they most want to convey to the audience.

Mazowsze inspires viewers of all ages

The magical story of the fairy tale, although it seems just a light, witty story full of song and dance, really inspires the viewers, both children as well as adults, to do a lot of thinking. The story begins when one day two stars fall out of the sky. They land in a world where their appearance and behavior don't go well with everything surrounding them. There's law and order here, because everything is the same shape and color. The characters reluctantly look farther than the tips of their own noses (even if instead of them they have points and angles). What is going to change in the light of the shooting stars? Why do we feel good when everyone around us is exactly the same? Is it really difficult to communicate with those who look different and think in different ways? Wouldn't it be good to sometimes look beyond our own happy bubble to get to know ourselves better and notice the colors that we didn't even know existed?

The artists and producers, through words, music, and dance, have tried to express their own answers to those questions. Have they managed? We hope they have. We will be happy to welcome you here at Karolin, when it is going to be possible again, and find the answers for yourselves. In the meantime, we wish to invite you to see the photo report from the event premiere, prepared by Jan Drzewiecki.

The production of the fairy tale was co-financed with the funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the local Council of the Mazowsze Region.



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