Mazowsze’s Performance Hall | Otrębusy, Świerkowa 2


Ticket price – 30 PLN

February 21, 2019, 12.30 p.m. CEST

The magical world of contemporary theater invites the youngest viewers to an amazing journey!


The fictional story features three main characters – little Agnieszka, her older brother Tomek, and Mr. Kajetan, the mysterious restorer of old folk musical instruments. They will take you for a surprising journey full of unexpected adventures. Together with them, you will learn about unusual folk handicraft such as “leluja” – a kind of artistic cut-outs from the region of Kurpie, intricately decorated huge Easter palms, or a hand-painted dowry chest from Wilamowice. You will get to know some characteristic folk dances, costumes, customs, and traditions. You will find out about traditional folk instruments (“burczybas”, “diabelskie skrzypce” [devil’s violin], and “kozioł weselny”). The journey will take you to eight fascinating, colorful regions: Mazowsze (Wilanów), Kurpie, Kaszuby, Wielkopolskę (Szamotuły), Śląsk (Wilamowice and Rozbark), Spisz (Jurgów), and Lubelszczyzna (Krzczonów).


The colorful world young viewers experience fascinates them, and teaches them to respect Polish traditions of folk culture. Each of the visited regions is illustrated with impressive regional dance presentations, and the costumes worn by dancers are real works of folk art. The individual parts of the performance are linked by computer animations, which present characteristic regional costumes in a close-up, with their ornaments and embroidery. The animations are accompanied by musical themes characteristic of the regions presented.


This unusual theatrical performance is presented by the ballet and orchestra of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze, and the actors.

Written and directed by: Zbigniew Kułagowski

Musical director and arranger: Krystian Segda

Choreography supervision: Wioletta Milczuk

Graphic animation: Dawid Kozłowski

Film director and editor: Tomasz Kurlej

Photographs: Jan Drzewiecki



the ballet and orchestra of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze

- director: Jacek Boniecki / Andrzej Borzym Jr

- singer: Paulina Patora / Klaudia Pawlikowska / Katarzyna Sajewiec

- violinist: Jędrzej Nalaskowski / Michał Ostrowski


Mr. Kajetan: Piotr Macalak / Jacek Leptacz

Agnieszka: Julia Dominiak / Anna Kowalczyk

Tomek: Paweł Klociński / Mateusz Zawada


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