Mazowsze’s Performance Hall | Otrębusy, Świerkowa 2


Ticket price – 30 PLN

February 22, 2019, 10 a.m. CEST

In the land of dreams everything is possible . . . A group of children visit the home of Mazowsze – the place where the dreams of the ensemble’s first dancers and founders came true. During their visit, the children begin dreaming about art. In their imagination they see themselves as dancers and musicians. They get to know the work of an artist and find out what the stage is all about.

In accordance with the director Roberto Skolmowski’s vision, the story aims to show the beauty and richness of Polish national dances. It is acquired through costumes, music, and advanced multimedia projection techniques.

Staged and directed by: Roberto Skolmowski

Multimedia design and film: Wojciech Hejno

Choreography supervision: Wioletta Milczuk

Photography: Jan Drzewiecki

On stage: the ballet and the orchestra of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze

Conducted by: Jacek Boniecki / Andrzej Borzym Jr

Narrated by: Klara Rejnowicz


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