ul. Świerkowa 2, Otrębusy



Venue: Mazowsze's Performance Hall

Address: ul. Świerkowa 2, Otrębusy


The Pilgrim

music: Stanisław Moniuszko

poems: Adam Mickiewicz


The main character of the performance is a wanderer, the titular Pilgrim. In a pilgrimage, the dominant emotion is loneliness. In this Pilgrim's case, the loneliness pertains to two aspects. On the one hand, the wanderer's situation is connected with his exile from his homeland – he becomes uprooted. On the other, alienation is the feeling which accompanies romantic heroes. As a romantic hero, the Pilgrim is exceptionally sensitive. It is visible in individual scenes in the show – for instance during the great ball where he meets his young love, during the Pilgrim's fervent prayer in the Chapel of the Gate of Dawn in Vilnius, in Konrad's cell, as well as during his exile from his country and the exotic journey across Crimea. Confronted with all these new spaces, he adopts the attitude of a child – he is intrigued, interested, and enraptured by everything. He cannot, however, free himself from his longing for his lost homeland. He undergoes a real journey within himself. The story is constructed around several chosen poetic works by Adam Mickiewicz. It is complemented by the continuously rediscovered, exceptional stage and cantata music by Stanisław Moniuszko. The performance will be presented by the actors, soloists, choir, ballet, and orchestra


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