Venue: Monastery of Pauline Order – Jasna Góra Address: ul. o. A. Kordeckiego 2, 42-225 Częstochowa, Poland


April 4th, 2020
4:30 p.m. CET

On April 4th, at the Our Lady of Częstochowa Shrine at Jasna Góra, Mazowsze will perform Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s remarkable masterpiece – the “Requiem” in D minor, K. 626, as well as a collection of passion and Lenten songs. The concert will be presented by the ensemble’s soloists, choir, and orchestra, conducted by Jacek Boniecki. The choir was prepared by Mirosław Ziomek.

“Requiem” in D minor (K. 626), composed in 1791, is one of the greatest sacred pieces by Mozart. It is also his last composition, which he left unfinished. The concert program will also include a collection of Lenten songs, featuring the oldest songs of that kind, like “Rozmyślajmy dziś” [“Let Us Reflect Today”], or “Krzyżu Święty” [“Oh Holy Cross”], and more contemporary works, such as “Ach, mój Jezu” [“Ah, My Jesus”], or “Ogrodzie oliwny” [“Oh Olive Garden”].


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