ul. Świerkowa 2, Otrębusy

60 min.


“The Kaleidoscope of Polish Colors”

Colors changing as in a kaleidoscope, music bringing unforgettable emotions, dancing and singing, singing and dancing – the concert program includes the most popular songs and the most captivating choreographies from the ensemble’s repertoire (prepared by Elwira Kamińska, Eugeniusz Papliński, but mainly by Witold Zapała). The audience can also admire the beautiful costumes from twenty different ethnographic regions of Poland. In the whirlpool of colors there will be national dances such as polonaise, krakowiak, oberek, mazur, and kujawiak, as well as regional dances accompanied by the characteristic, original chants.

“If that is the face of Poland, then long live Poland!” (ʺGazette de Lausanne”, Switzerland)


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