The National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze

The National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze – the organizer of the National Stanisław Jopek Vocal Competition – is a cultural institution with a long-time history of bringing the public closer to stylized versions of traditional music. Mazowsze also works towards the popularization of classical music, by publishing records and organizing concerts with a classical repertoire. Additionally, the ensemble serves an educational purpose, spreading knowledge about Polish tradition and history in an attractive form, and thus shaping and strengthening the sense of national identity in Polish people. Mazowsze also organizes numerous musical, dance and  theatrical events.

In 2018, the ensemble celebrated its 70th anniversary. A year has passed since that wonderful jubilee, and it's time to open a new chapter in the history of Mazowsze! Who knows – maybe there will be a new Stanisław Jopek among the winners of the first edition of the competition? Maybe a new star will rise, who will be a worthy successor to this legendary Mazowsze soloist?

The aim of the Stanisław Jopek Competition is to popularize works from Mazowsze's repertoire and broadly understood Polish folklore. The competition also aims for an appreciation of singing, an increasingly undervalued component of human life.

The first edition of the National Stanisław Jopek Vocal Competition was financed from the funds of the Regional Council of the Mazowsze Province. It is organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.










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