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Current repertoire and ticketing information

Bank account details

Bank PKO BP o/Pruszków

ul. Wojska Polskiego 42
05-800 Pruszków

83 1020 1026 0000 1802 0234 6930

tel: +48 22 2088200



Ticket Office working hours:

Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET/CEST

On concert and performance days, the ticketing office is open two hours before the event. Entry to the foyer starts one hour prior the event.

Important ticketing information:

Online Ticketing System permits the purchase of a maximum of eight tickets per transaction. In case of larger orders, please contact the ticket office on the phone.

There is an automatic transaction fee added to the price of every ticket purchased. The fees are as follows:

1.for tickets priced between 1 to 19 PLN – 1 PLN

2.for tickets priced between 20 to 40 PLN – 2 PLN

3.for tickets priced between 41 to 60 PLN – 3 PLN

4.for tickets priced between 61 to 80 PLN – 4 PLN

5.for tickets priced between 81 to 100 PLN – 5 PLN

6.for tickets priced between 101 to 120 PLN – 6 PLN

ATTENTION! In case you purchase tickets in the ticket office, or in case you pay via bank transfer to Mazowsze’s account, the ticket price as shown online needs to deduct the system fee.


Discount tickets

  • Discount tickets are not available online. They are available only in Mazowsze’s ticket office.
  • Mazowsze offers a 10% discount for their concerts and selected performances. This discount applies for schoolchildren, university students, and retirees.
  • At the entrance to the performance hall, discount ticket holders might be asked to present a document entitling them to obtaining the discount.

WKD and KM trains to Mazowsze concerts

  • A ticket, issued in Mazowsze’s ticket office,  for their concert or performance taking place in the performance hall, entitles the bearer to a free WKD train ride from their place of residence to Otrębusy, and back.

The promotion is valid two hours before and after the concert/performance, for one journey to Otrębusy, and one back.

During ticket inspection on the train, the holder needs to present the ticket, issued by Mazowsze, for their concert or performance taking place in their performance hall.

  • With a valid Koleje Mazowieckie ticket, presented at the ticket office, it is possible to purchase a ticket for the chosen Mazowsze concert/performance with a 20% discount. Educational concerts are not included in the promotion.

1. The discount ticket is valid for up to 30 days after the expiration date of the train ticket.

2. One train ticket entitles the bearer to the purchase of one discount ticket for a Mazowsze concert/performance.

The buyer is entitled to a discount ticket when presenting a valid Koleje Mazowieckie train ticket, or a season ticket card together with a voucher valid over the promotional period, or a proof of purchase of a Koleje Mazowieckie train ticket via the SkyCash system


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