1. The Ensemble – the Tadeusz Sygietyński National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze,” Świerkowa 2, Otrębusy (hereinafter referred to as “Mazowsze”).
  2. Performance hall – the performance hall in the Matecznik Mazowsze complex.
  3. Customer Service Office – ticket sales and information office at “Mazowsze” headquarters.
  4. The webpage – – the ensemble’s web page that allows for purchasing tickets online.
  5. Ticket – a document purchased in the ticket office or via webpage, confirming the bearer is entitled to witness a performance on the date and time stated in the document.
  6. Performance – a concert or other artistic event organized by “Mazowsze” or an external organizer hiring the performance hall in the Matecznik Mazowsze complex. Performance repertoire is available each time in the Matecznik Mazowsze ticket office or on the webpage.
  7. Customer – a natural person of at least 13 years of age, whereby in the case of that person being under 18 years of age, a legal guardian’s consent is required; also a legal person or an organizational entity which does not constitute a legal person, but has legal capacity upon specific provisions, that makes a purchase or reservation.
  8. Consumer – a legal person that carries out a legal action with the Ensemble, which is not directly related to its economic or business activities, and lies in purchasing tickets or making ticket reservations.



  1. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as “Regulations,” define the rules for ticket sales in the Ensemble’s headquarters or via the online store at
  2. The online store is maintained by the web portal
  3. The Ensemble’s contact details:

    internet address –

    e-mail address –

    telephone number – +48 22 208 82 00

    mailing address – ul. Świerkowa 2, 05-805, Otrębusy, Poland

  4. Before making a purchase, each person should get acquainted with these Regulations.
  5. In order to make a purchase via the webpage, the Customer is required to have an active, working e-mail account.




  1. On the basis of these Regulations tickets for “Mazowsze” are sold, via distance selling, or direct sale.
  2. Distance selling is carried out via the Internet on webpages and
  3. Direct sale is carried out at the ticket office of the Ensemble.





  1. The following types of tickets are offered for sale by the Ensemble:

a. regular ticket – a full-price ticket for any performance at the performance hall, chosen by the Customer

b. discount ticket – a lower-price ticket depending on the discount granted in accordance with the guidelines below, for any performance at the performance hall, chosen by the Customer

c. ticket prices for each performance are set by the Ensemble; detailed information on the prices is available on the webpage

        2. The right to purchase discount tickets is granted in the cases enumerated below, only on presentation of valid documentation:

a) schoolchildren and university students under the age of 26 – 10% off the regular ticket price

b) pensioners and disabled persons – 10% off the regular ticket price

c) organized groups of over 10 people – 10% off the regular price for one ticket / off the regular price of all tickets

d) organized groups of over 20 people – 20% off the regular price for one ticket / off the regular price of all tickets

e) organized groups of over 30 people – 30% off the regular price for one ticket / off the regular price of all tickets

f) individual discounts are not valid in combination with group discounts.






  1. Information provided on the webpages, including the information about the products presented and their prices, constitutes an invitation to conclude an agreement, within the meaning of Art. 71 of the Polish Civil Code.
  2. Online ticket sales for performances taking place in the performance hall are accessible 24 hours a day via webpages and Internet sales are suspended 24 hours prior the event.
  3. Before the sale is confirmed, the Ensemble presents the following information to the Customer:
  1. the precise description of a given product
  2. the total price of the products ordered, including taxes
  3. information on how and when the payment should be made
  4. information on how and when the Ensemble should perform the service
  5. the availability of a given product
  6. information on the rules of withdrawal from the agreement.  
4. The purchase order is placed by clicking the “buy and pay” button under/next to the description of the product, or in the shopping cart summary, where the Customer provides their name, e-mail address, and telephone number. The data provided will only be used by the Audience Organization Office of “Mazowsze” in order to contact the Customer in case that the payment for the reservation is not made within the time limit, or in case of the cancelation or transference the event for which tickets have been bought or booked.
5. Electronic tickets purchased on the webpages and will be e-mailed to the address provided by the Customer. Online service allows only the purchase of regular tickets; discount tickets are not available online.
6. Direct sale of individual and group tickets is carried out by the Customer Service Office, open Monday thru Friday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays the office is open two hours prior the event.
7.Payments for tickets can be made by cash or credit card in the Customer Service Office, via electronic transfer on webpages and, and via a direct transfer into “Mazowsze’s” bank account, after a prior reservation over the telephone.
8. In case of reservations made in the Matecznik Mazowsze ticket office, and a direct transfer into “Mazowsze” bank account, after the reception of the payment, the tickets will be printed and ready for pickup in the ticket  office.
9. VAT invoices will be issued upon request, and upon presentation of the purchase receipt, up to seven days after completing the payment for the tickets.





  1. By placing an order, the Customer agrees to store their personal data in the database of “Mazowsze.” The Customer’s personal data is entered into the database only for order realization, and will not be shared with any third parties.
  2. In order to place an order, the Customer needs to provide their personal data, and agrees to have their data processed.
  3. The Customer has the right to access their personal data, and correct or update it, as well as have it removed from the database upon demand.
  4. Personal data gathered by “Mazowsze” is protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997, in such a way as to prevent unauthorized third-party access to it.




1. Individual reservations can be made in person in the Customer Service Office, open Monday thru Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday two hours prior to the event, according to the event calendar available on

2. Individual reservations can also be made over the phone, at number +22 208  82 00.

3. In case of cancelation of the reservation, the Customer should notify the Customer Service Office as soon as possible, at number +22 208 82 00, or via e-mail at

4. During reservations, either personally or over the phone, the Customer needs to provide the following information:

  1. the title as well as the time and date of the chosen performance
  2. the number of tickets reserved, with discounts if any apply
  3. the customer’s full name
  4. an e-mail address and a telephone number, whereby the customer agrees to be contacted in case of possible changes in the repertoire, and also for promotional purposes.

5.The payment for the reserved tickets should be made within three days of the date of reservation. Five days before the performance, the reservations that have not been paid for are nullified, and put back on sale.

6. Reservations made up to seven days prior to the performance are valid for only one day. There are no reservations accepted one day prior to or on the day of the performance. In case of reservations made up to seven days prior to the performance, the payment must be made during the purchase or during the 24-hour period within which the reservation is valid.




  1. The term “group reservation” applies to one customer making a reservation for more than nine tickets.
  2. Reservations for more than ten tickets can only be made over the phone at +48 22 208 82 00, or personally in the Customer Service Office, during its operating hours.
  3. Group reservations that have not been paid for before or on the date given by the ticket office worker, are automatically canceled and the tickets are put back on sale.
  4. Group reservations made up to seven days prior to the performance are valid for only one day.
  5. There are no reservations accepted less than three days prior to or on the day of the performance.
  6. Payments for the reserved group tickets can be made in cash in the Customer Service Office, or via a direct bank transfer to the Ensemble’s PKO BP account number 83 1020 1026 0000 1802 0234 6930.
  7. For direct transfer payments, the title of the transaction should include the name of the Customer (or the name of the institution), the title of the performance, the number of tickets, and their total price.
  8. For direct transfer payments, the date on which the bank account of the seller is credited, will apply as payment date.
  9. At the Customer’s request, purchased tickets can be mailed to the Customer, at the cost of 10 PLN.





  1. Group ticket purchases of more than ten can be returned up to fourteen days prior to the performance.
  2. Individual tickets can be returned up to three days prior to the performance.
  3. Ticket refunds are made only on presentation of a purchase receipt or a VAT invoice, otherwise the ticket office might not accept a ticket return. The above does not apply if the return is made before obtaining a purchase receipt or a VAT invoice. In such cases, a proof of bank payment must be presented.
  4. The refund of a payment made via a bank transfer will be made the same way, into the account from which the payment was made.
  5. The refund of payment made with a credit card will be made into the bank account to which the card is linked.
  6. Damaged tickets, or with missing ticket stubs, are not subject to return or exchange.
  7. If the Ensemble cannot accept the resignation, the Customer may pass, or sell, the tickets to a third party. In that case, the Ensemble does not charge a fee.
  8. If the performance is canceled due to reasons beyond the control of the Ensemble, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, national mourning, etc., or occurrences for which the Ensemble is not at fault, such as interruption or failure of electricity, or other utilities, etc., the Customers who have purchased tickets are entitled to a full refund, payable within two months from the canceled performance date, or an exchange of the ticket for another date, if possible.




  1. Upon presentation of ten tickets stubs from different performances, the customer is entitled to two tickets for a chosen “Mazowsze” performance, free of charge.



  1. On the day of the performance, the Viewer should arrive early, in order to take the purchased seat. The limited number of parking places nearby the “Mazowsze” headquarters, or communication difficulties that may cause delays, cannot be used as a basis for any claims towards the Ensemble.
  2. The Viewers who arrive late will be able to take the purchased seats during the intermission, if it has been planned in the performance. It is possible to enter the performance hall earlier only with the consent of an usher. The Viewers can only take seats specified by the usher, for reasons of the organizational nature of the performance, and the rules of social interaction in relation to the Viewers who arrived and took their seats on time.
  3. Damaged tickets, or with missing ticket stubs, do not entitle the bearer to enter the performance hall.
  4. The Viewers present in the facility are obliged to keep their tickets for further inspection.
  5. Viewers are obliged to take seats designated on their tickets. It is possible to take another seat only if the person entitled to it is not using their right or will waive this  right.
  6. The use of photo, or film, or video/digital cameras during the performance is FORBIDDEN.
  7. Viewers who carry cellphones are obliged to switch them off, and not use them during the performance.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to eat or drink in the auditorium.
  9. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the facility, under the Act on the Protection of Public Health against the Effects of Tobacco Use of November 9, 1995.
  10. Everyone present in the facility is obliged to observe fire and other safety regulations, and follow the guidance of the performance hall service.
  11. Viewers who do not respect the regulations, or the hall service instructions, or those who present a danger to the safety others, will be asked to leave the performance hall. In the above case, the Viewers will not be entitled to a ticket refund or exchange. In particular, this concerns the people who do not observe the ban on using photo, or film, or video/digital cameras.
  12. The purchase of a ticket represents the Customer’s agreement to all aspects of these regulations.
  13. Persons under 13 years of age should be under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians, or under the supervision of a person designated to their supervision by the parents or legal guardians.





  1. The webpage allows for the purchase of tickets in the online system. Online ticket sales are suspended 24 hours prior to the performance. Tickets purchased online, are tickets at regular price.
  2. Electronic tickets:
  • a “print@home” ticket is an electronic document in the PDF format, meant to be printed by the Customer in person
  • the ticket is sent to the Customer to the e-mail address provided in the process of ordering the ticket, after the payment has been confirmed by the system operator
  • the ticket can be printed many times, in the time and place convenient for the customer, before the performance, with the use of the “print again” option at
  • the ticket needs to be printed in the A4 format, and presented to the usher, unless the guidelines on the webpage, or on the ticket, state otherwise. In the case that the printed ticket needs to be exchanged for a standard ticket, the exchange will be carried out directly before the event, in a place designated by the Organizer/Partner.
  • an e-mail containing the purchase confirmation, and the link to download the ticket, will be sent within 20 minutes from the confirmation of payment. In the case that no e-mail is received, the webpage recommends that you check the SPAM folder, or any other folders, and further on, to contact the Customer Service Office at or on the phone number +48 61 642 92 36, available seven days a week, between 8 a.m. and midnight.
  • the “print@home” ticket contains a unique barcode and a 2D code, which serve as entrance identifiers. The webpage warns the Customer, and the Customer accepts, that THE TICKET SHOULD NOT BE SHOWN TO THIRD PARTIES, because the codes included in the ticket are valid only throughout the first scanning. Sharing the ticket with any third parties will cause the invalidation of the ticket, and will be seen as an attempted fraud. The event organizer may reserve the right to refuse the entrance to the event to all bearers of ticket with the same codes.
  • for safety reasons, the usher might ask the Customer to present an identification in order to confirm the data used during the purchase process
  • a ticket that is unreadable, or has been destroyed or damaged might be declared invalid by the event organizer/partner
3. The webpage charges a system fee for purchasing tickets online. In the case that the event is canceled, the fee will be refunded by “Mazowsze.”
4.At the Customer’s request, a VAT invoice will be issued only in the name of the person or company who purchased the tickets, on the presentation of the purchase receipt.
5. The detailed online ticket purchase regulations are available on the webpage
6. The price list for the “Mazowsze” artistic events at Matecznik Mazowsze”

Standard “Mazowsze” concerts

Regular ticket

100 PLN

Discount ticket – schoolchildren, university students, retireers

90 PLN

Discount ticket – employees

70 PLN

“Mazowsze” performances and galas

Regular ticket

100-130 PLN

Group discounts

10%, 20%, 30%

Educational concerts for children

Regular ticket

30 PLN

Educational performances for young people

Regular ticket

40 PLN


Ticket prices for the events taking place outside the headquarters of the Ensemble, i.e. Matecznik Mazowsze, are determined in separate agreements, or are set by the institutions hiring the Ensemble, depending on the type of the agreement.



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