“Mazowsze Behind the Scenes” – sightseeing tour and one-day workshop

ATTENTION! Due to renovation work in the Karolin mansion, this is a limited offer. To find out about current availability, please contact Paulina Trusiak, tel. 605 501 705 paulina.trusiak@mazowsze.waw.pl


 “Mazowsze Behind the Scenes” is an unusual sightseeing tour for anyone interested in the beautiful history of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze, and their work of several decades, from their very first day until today.


The “Mazowsze Behind the Scenes” project options:

  • a tour of the Karolin mansion;  the tour includes a visit to the Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska parlor, the Tadeusz Sygietyński memorial room, the Stanisław Jopek memorial room, the permanent exhibition of souvenirs brought by Mazowsze from their world tours, as well as the presentation of the ensemble’s history and its artistic work, and the founders’ biographies
  • dance and vocal workshops for both children and adults, led by Mazowsze’s outstanding artists-soloists
  • the screening of a DVD recording of one of Mazowsze’s concerts, and the permanent exhibition of stage costumes presented in the lower and upper foyers of the main building
  • optionally, after an individual appointment – an opportunity to witness Mazowsze’s stage rehearsal, on the days when rehearsals are planned; the artists rehearse without costumes


Price list:

the tour of Karolin mansion (approx. 45-60 minutes)

schoolchildren – 2 PLN per person (teachers enter free of charge)

adults – 5 PLN per person

dance workshops (approx. 30 minutes)

10 PLN per person

vocal workshops (approx. 45 minutes)

15 PLN per person

Mazowsze’s stage rehearsal

10 PLN per person

DVD screening

2 PLN per person

All available options may be combined in one visit.

We recommend the tour as an additional option with educational concerts from our current repertoire.

All details should be individually planned.

 For details, please contact:

Paulina Trusiak

tel. 605 501 705



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